Indigenous Peoples – Ancestral Knowledge

‘The Global Alliance acknowledges that Indigenous peoples across the planet have already lived in accordance with the principles encapsulated by the Rights of Mother Earth for millennia. Not only they have survived radical changes in environmental conditions, but also they have thrived and created some of the richest and longest living cultures on Earth.

The Global Alliance also believes that it is time to stop teaching and preaching. Instead it is time to begin learning again, emphasizing the importance of Indigenous wisdom in guiding this learning process. Lessons from Indigenous wisdom are to be shared among all cultures if the implementation of the Rights of Nature is to be truly global.

In acknowledging this, the Indigenous Peoples Ancestral Knowledge Working Group provides a platform for an intercultural dialogue, led by Indigenous voices, on the meaning, the implications and the correct implementation of the Rights of Nature. At the same time, the Global Alliance offers support to the various political struggles faced by Indigenous peoples all over the world in defending their ancestral homelands from cultural and environmental destruction.

Indigenous Environmental NetworkTom BK Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network leads the Indigenous Peoples Ancestral Knowledge Working Group.

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