Bolivia: Fighting the climate wars

Bolivia is making history and catching the attention of media around the world with a proposed new law that gives nature many of the same rights we give to each other as human beings. Specifically, nature will have the right to life and regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, and restoration.

A grass roots movement among indigenous peoples championed by Bolivia’s national leaders is preparing to pass some of the world’s first national laws granting all nature equal rights to humans. (Ecuador adopted similar rights of Nature in its Constitution in 2008.) “The Law of Mother Earth, now agreed by politicians and grassroots social groups, redefines the country’s rich mineral deposits as “blessings” and is expected to lead to radical new conservation and social measures to reduce pollution and control industry.”

John Vidal reports from La Paz where Bolivians are living with the effects of climate change every day. View a dramatic video presenting the devastating impact of climate change in Bolivia. Landslides have wiped out entire neighborhoods forcing hundreds of families into tent cities. Hear their heart wrenching stories first hand. Watch as a Dr Ramiras shows satellite images documenting the disappearance of major glaciers during the last 30 years.

For the complete story of the dramatic effects of global warming on Bolivia and the actions Bolivia is taking to change the course …