GMOs – Transgenics

Rights of Nature Tribunal

How do GMOs violate the rights of nature?

GMO DNAEcuador ‘s Constitution (Art. 71 ) states that nature has the right to:

– That their existence is fully respected
– To maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions
– Evolutionary Processes

We will analyze the nature assaults that occur at different times :

– Transgenesis and genetic manipulation

– The field release of transgenic seeds
– Consumption


The essence of genetic manipulation is to alter the structure of the DNA molecule . Using molecular biology tools , is inserted into the genome of a plant ( for example corn ) , genes from bacteria and highly infectious virus , and that through evolution , have designed mechanisms to be inserted into the genome of other organisms. These organisms are the result of two billion years of evolution.

The problem of transgenesis is producing organisms in the laboratory , violating the laws of biology that prevent foreign genes from infecting the genome of an organism. This influences both the evolutionary cycles of GMOs , as all organisms that could contaminate genetically , either through horizontal gene transfer , or through gene flow between transgenic and non-transgenic plants , or their biological relatives .

Through these new genes ( which may come from other living organisms , but are also produced synthetically in the laboratory ) , the DNA sequence ( that is a molecule containing inheritable information ) is altered. Here we have the first violation and a right of nature . At the molecular level, is altering the structure of nature.

By altering the structure of DNA , also alter their functions. Thus, almost 99 % of GM crops are grown commercially have been manipulated to produce a protein that gives resistance to herbicides , or synthesizing a toxin with insecticidal properties , and thus “control ” populations of some pests agricultural . That is, more of the function they have to produce starches or crop oils, now produce transgenic proteins.

View the judge’s ruling by Blanca Chancoso to accept the case on threats of GMOs and Transgenics

Presented by Elizabeth Bravo, PhD, Ecuador

Read the Case Study and threats of GMOs and Transgenics at:   GMO Crops and the Rights of Nature

or Espanol:  Lo Cultivos Transgenicos y los Derechos de la Naturaleza 

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Elizabeth Bravo, PhD

Elizabeth Bravo is Coordinator of the Network for a GE Free Latin America, an Ecology Action Member and Professor at the Salesian University.  Ms Bravo was part of the Expert Group on Risk Assessment of Living Modified Organisms of the Cartagena Protocol Negotiating the Cartagena Protocol on transboundary movement of Living Modified Organisms , the Convention on Biological Diversity