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Rights of Nature a focus at the IUCN Congress

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) started in Marseille, France on September 3rd. As the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network, the IUCN is a global authority on the status of Nature and the measures needed to safeguard the planet.

Civil society groups are pushing Rights of Nature at the Marseille Congress to ensure it remains at the top of the agenda.

In the link below you will be able to download GARN’s official press release on the Rights of Nature as a focus in this IUCN Congress. The IUCN has a unique opportunity to progress with the guarantee of the Rights of Nature in this Congress, especially through the advancement of Resolution 100. The Rights of Nature is present during this world gathering, through its various organizations and representatives, to advocate for transformative, systemic change, so necessary during this urgent time for the people and the planet.