A unified voice for Rights of Nature and Mother Earth at Rio+20

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest to you that what we are seeing now are the early stages of a momentous change in society.  The pipe of the formal UN negotiations is blocked.  We can not get the dramatic change we need to save humanity and our society through these official channels.

But if you block the river, the river cuts a new path.  What you are seeing here are the early stages of a people’s movement cutting a new path to a better future for us all.” Cormac Cullinan

The Global Alliance for Rights of Nature and Global Exchange hosted  Rights of Nature as the Foundation for Sustainability at the Rio+20 Earth Summit.  The event as included a Signing Ceremony for the Universal Declaration for Rights of Mother Earth. Listen to our distinguished panel of Rights of Nature experts.

Rights of Nature Panel Ri0+20 June 17
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Pablo Solón
Linda Sheehan
Tom Goldtooth
Natalia Greene
Cormac Cullinan
Vandana Shiva
Shannon Biggs, moderator