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International Rights of Nature Tribunal

Sample of Existing Legal Structures

Universal Declaration for the Rights of Mother Earth

Vandana Shiva on Yasuni to Ecuador Government

Global Exchange – Collections of articles about Rights of Nature

Stillheart Declaration: Rights of Nature and the Economics of the Biosphere September 2013

Rights of Nature and the Economics of the Biosphere , October 2013

Rights of Nature: Planting the Seeds of Real Change, June 2012

Does Nature Have Rights? Transforming Grassroots Organizing to Protect People and the Planet, 2010

Navdanya Publications on Seed Freedom GMOs and Farmers Rights

Rights of Nature – GENERAL





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Derechos de la Naturaleza

Yasuni ITT



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Rights of Nature articles:


Report from the Centre of the Earth, Lisa Mead – Earth Laws Alliance

Comments on The Commons, Ben Price – CELDF

Earth Rights – A Theory, Peter Burdon

The Rights of Nature – Reconsidered, Peter Burdon

Wildlaw Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence, Peter Burdon

Recogniting Rights for Nature in the Ecuadorian Constitution, Fundacion Pachamama

Rights of Mother Earth – CUNY Graduate Center live blog panel Earth Day 2011

Earth Jurisprudence and Wild Law Resources recommended by Griffith University for Wild Law 2011 Earth Jurisprudence: Building Theory and Practice – Australia’s 3rd Wild Law Conference September 2011.

A Proposal For a Law of Mother Earth Plurinatinational State of Bolivia

Articles on the Universal Declaration of Rights of Nature:

Toward the Universal Declaration of Rights of Nature, Alberto Acosta

Legal Case for Universal Declaration, Cormac Cullinan

United Nations Nature Reports:

Governing People for Earth – The Challenge of the 21st Century (address by Cormac Cullinan to the United Nations General Assembly Interactive Dialogue on living in harmony with Nature, Wednesday 20 April 2011)

To view a Webcast of the address to the UN visit UN General Assembly Dialogue on Harmony with Nature, April 20, 2011

Harmony with Nature, United Nation’s Report

Study on the need to recognize and respect the rights of nature, United Nations

Notes for the debate