Shannon Biggs y Maude Barlow: Recognizing the Rights of Nature

Laura Flanders of GRITtv  interviews Shannon Biggs & Maude Barlow on Recognizing the Rights of Nature

Maude Barlow opens with “The real issue here is that modern humanity looks at nature as a great big resource for our pleasure, profit and convenience, and we do whatever we want with it. We’re in trouble.”

Shannon Biggs and the City of Pittsburgh talk specifically about the ordinace Pittsburgh has paced in the face of fracking plans by mining companies.

The interview includes poignant clips of Eva Morales and of Bolivian citizens who have been displaced by  recent climate changes.

With Maude and Shannon, Laura explores what would be possible if Nature had rights.  Humans would be able to go to court to protect the ecosystem based on the rights of that ecosystem.

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Van Jones closes with YOU are the great HOPE and Bill McKibbon calls for a movement for change!